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The FDA has pursued criminal prosecutions of corporations that do off-label promotion of prescription drugs.  In 2009, Eli Lilly agreed to pay $1.4 Billion in criminal and civil penalties for such off-label promotion of Zyprexa.  Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 Billion for the illegal off-label promotion of Geodon and other drugs.  In 2010, Astra-Zeneca agreed to pay $520 million for the illegal off-label promotion of Seroquel for use in children, and Forest Laboratories agreed to pay $309 million for the illegal off-label promotion of the use of Lexapro and Celexa in children.  However, despite these large penalties by the drug companies, the practice of off-label has not stopped.

Although Pfizer paid $2.3 billion to settle claims associated with the off-label promotion of Bextra and three other drugs, the $16.8 billion in revenues that it earned from those drugs demonstrates how profitable  off-label marketing really is and how the risk is transferred to patients and the  healthcare system.   The profits are so high that the company knows that the proportion that they pay in fines and judgements is worth the risk.

 Neurontin®  was  FDA-approved for treating epilepsy were projected at approximately $500 million. With off-label marketing  sales went from $97.5 million to $2.7 billion by 2003, with nearly 90% of Neurontin prescriptions written for off-label uses. Neurontin’s manufacturer ultimately paid $430 million to settle civil and criminal charges associated with off-label promotion—a fraction of its increased profits from the drug’s off-label sales.

 Most off-Label marketed drugs lack clinical efficacy and less than one third of them were backed by scientific evidence.  This means that patients were subjected to unsafe drugs which were ineffective.

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